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Camberwell Beauty - English Review.

The novel is the first book by the comedianne Jenny Eclair. Everything happens in South London, on Lark Grove street. This reprezents the oasis of middle class people.

It is about new neighbours, new friendships, dinners, affairs and love. It is about the very human nature who tend to get in  contact with the others beeing afraid of loneliness.

The Pink House is a great subiect of small talk. When Anna and her family move there, it is for the neighbour Jo an opportunity to get close to her. She makes everything possible to become her friend. 

Anna is not really the nice girl next door. She regrets having married her uninteresting husband. She is nice to Jo out of affection. She has a fat ugly daughter she hates and an adorable little baby boy she lives to extreme. She cannot cook or do the housework, she believes this is not the life she imagined, though, her husband Chris is always by her side.

Jo fights big time for the affection of Anna and her family, invites them to dinners, sacrifice her time and energy, thinking that is the right direction for regretting it all in the end.

This is a very interesting novel. It haa its humour and pain. It is about relationships we all look for and make sacrifice for. But in the end all the effort proves useless.

A book I recommend. I read it in English and it has a simple funny style. It is told for all the characters' point of view and this make it all much more easy to understand, see the differences and reflect about it all.

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